Keys to Going Cruelty-Free with Christina Galioto

Think about your morning routine. How many products do you come in contact with before you even walk out the door? Toothpaste, soap, makeup, deodorant, I’m sure the list goes on. While you’re going about your morning routine, has the thought ever occurred to you that the items you are using could potentially have been tested on animals? If you’re an animal lover, it’s possible that statement made you stop in your tracks and think back to all of the products you used. Unfortunately, unless you’re actively looking, many of the products in your home have been tested on animals.

According to one study by Cruelty Free International, over 115 million animals are still being used for testing worldwide. To animal lover, activist, and vegan, Christina Galioto, it’s horrible to conceive that animal testing still exists in 2017. According to Christina Galioto, here’s why you should consider switching to cruelty-free products.

Technology Has Advanced Enough for Better Alternatives
Despite what many companies will try to tell you, testing on animals is not required by law. In fact, it’s recommended that companies make the switch to more ethical forms of testing such as in vitro testing, computer and data based models, or using cultured cell tissues. Don’t trust a brand that continuously defends their decision to test on animals. Animal testing is not a necessary part of making sure products are safe for humans when there are other options available.

Reduce Waste with More Conscious Spending
As much as we love spending money on new shoes and makeup, saving money is even better. Converting to a cruelty-free lifestyle for your products helps promote a more minimalist approach to what products you own. You’ll be surprised to find out exactly how many of your favorite products are still testing on animals. This will result in a more conscious effort in how you spend money.

Promotes a Healthier and Toxic-Free Lifestyle
When you make the effort to switch to cruelty-free, you’ll start to see more and more ingredients that are ultimately better for you than the harmful ones that need to be “tested to ensure safety for humans”. Do you really want to use products that need to be tested first? Cruelty-free products are typically more natural and healthier, using little to no toxins in their composition. This even includes cleaning products as well, making your home eco-friendly.

In an effort to help save and protect animals, consider switching to cruelty-free products. Some of your favorite brands are not cruelty-free. With a little research and a devotion to protecting the lives of animals, Christina Galioto is sure you’ll find new favorite brands that are more sustainable and better for you.


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